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Five Subcommittees Formed To Study Casino Proposal

An extraordinary House committee has set up five subcommittees to study a proposal to build a casino-entertainment complex in Thailand.

Last Thursday, Members of the Parliament have voted in favor of forming an extraordinary committee to investigate the plan for the casino complex, which is intended to attract foreign visitors and generate additional revenue for the government. The 60-member committee includes 15 cabinet members and 45 representatives from major parties. It is scheduled to complete its research in 90 days.

Spokesperson for the House committee Phada Worakanont said the extraordinary House committee will set up five subcommittees to help with its study. One of them will be in charge of researching related laws as well as collecting revenue and taxes. A second subcommittee will scout suitable areas and investigate the requirements and conditions for establishing such a complex. Another will look at investment and the complex’s format, while a fourth will evaluate the gaming industry and a fifth will look at how to mitigate any bad impact it may have. The appointments of the subcommittee members will be presented to Parliament President Chuan Leekpai for consideration.

The spokesperson added that the chairman of the House committee is eager to encourage broad public participation in the issue by inviting members of the public, students, and representatives from other organizations to act as advisers to the committee.

The issue is expected to reignite a bitter debate between supporters and opponents of the controversial project. Critics say it will increase the country’s social problems, while supporters see the proposal as a tool for economic growth.

Representatives of the group in favor of the casino have previously stated that the casino would be part of an overall ‘Hua Hin Urban Entertainment Complex’. The complex would include shopping malls, amusement parks, five-star hotels, casinos, and golf courses, etc., which would all be built with private funding. Furthermore they stated that already neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, all have Entertainment Complexes and Casinos, generating enormous income in those countries with the majority of the customers being Thai, therefore leaking substantial money flows outside of Thailand.

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the royal connection to Hua Hin, the grouped vowed that will not create the Entertainment Complex in Hua Hin Municipality but look further afield in the Hua Hin district, whether in the area of ​​Hin Lek Fai Subdistrict, Thap Tai Subdistrict, Nong Phlap Subdistrict or Huai Sat Yai Subdistrict

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