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F1 champion Max Verstappen. A final race worth of a movie.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where the champions are defined, had a race that will make history as one of the best of all time. From the beginning, Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes team seemed to be a clear leader, but the excellent synchro of the Red Bull team made of the Dutch, Max Verstappen, and the Mexican, Sergio Perez, managed to snatch the title from him on the final lap.

From the start, the speed with which the Mercedes and Redbull teams left the rest of the competitors behind was incredible, to the point that it seemed like a race between just two teams. Over time, the British, Hamilton, increased the difference in time against the Red Bull team, but an excellent work on the part of the Mexican allowed his partner to reduce the difference from almost 8 secs and finally get the first place.

The race was not without controversy. There is consensus regarding the preference of the FIA ​​with Mercedes. During the last laps, commissioners did not allow lagging drivers to make up their lap in the final stage after the safety car and thus leave a heads-up between the contenders. Even so, after a suspiciously long lapse of time, the FIA ​​asked for Verstappen to pass, where despite the advantage, he managed to snatch the lead at the fifth corner of the last lap.

Mercedes made two formal complaints, none of which got any results. What they alleged is that the relaunch procedure after the safety car did not comply with the regulations. They also ensured that the overtaking was under a yellow flag, which is prohibited. None of the complaints got any results.

At the end of the race, both drivers praised each other’s work and highlighted the excellent work of their respective teams.” First of all, a big congratulations to Max and his team. I think we did an amazing job this year, we worked so hard. We gave it everything, we never gave up and that’s the most important thing”, said Hamilton.

We have no doubt, this race had movie moments and is a worthy season closure. We hope that next year there will be more teams competing for the first place, although it is difficult to imagine an event of this magnitude happening again.

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