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Pollitos, the new rooster in town


Pollitos has not long been in Hua Hin but is already making a good impression on locals. Pollitos was started by Graham who was fulfilling a life long dream of bring some of the great taste experiences of Portugal to Hua Hin after spending time in southern Europe.

Originally on the drawing board in 1996, it was first conceived to open in Abu Dhabi, when that did not work out Koh Samurai was considered. Eventually due to covid Graham moved north to the lush climes of Hua Hin and finally resolved his determination to see Pollitos begin.

Ever since the locals have flocked to this rotisserie chicken extravagancy.  Numbers have steadily climbed as word as spread around the neighbourhood.


You can begin with a lovely garlic and chilli prawns served with tender garlic bread or choose the bruschetta is which uses a garlic bread base, topped with local fresh ingredients.  With olive oil, balsamic on offer, and the rare addition of anchovies for that stronger punch for those that desire it.  Add according to taste and enjoy! we also snacked on the chichken wings which were very enjoyable as well.

Chicken burger 

Pollitos does a mean chicken burger, the first bite is soft than it is punctuated by the crispy bacon.  All surrounded by a good drenching of sauce, aioli on the base and a secret Pollitos mayonnaise, then enters the local mushrooms, with the accompaniment of the double cheese.  Graham tells me that this dish is quite popular. The whole thing is put together with ciabatta bread. Is quite a luscious, gentle burger, full of creamy goodness. We were quite satisfied with this burger!

Tomato pasta 

Next we indulged in some tomato pasta, with chunks of chicken that are seasoned and quite tasty  The pasta used was the more delicate pasta no1 variety, which is slightly smaller and comes out somewhat softer, angel hair. All together its a good choice.

Tikka masala

Next it’s off to the sub continent for the Tikka masala. It’s creamy and exquisite, with the spices being imported from India, again succulent chicken rounding things off.  A splash of coconut cream on the top with coriander, and you’re set for a curry night. 

Chicken platter 

This is certainly what people are coming for, being the signature dish.  Options of 1/4 or half of full.   We do suggest to try the chicken by itself first without any accompaniments.  Then you will get to enjoy perfectly cooked, fully moist and tender chicken, with crispy well seasoned skin.  Absolutely a delight on its own without the sauces.  It’s succulent and juicy.  

Then it’s onto the myriad of sauces and accompaniments, perfect for a group or family .  Actually you could easily feed four people.  The stuffing is home made, light and delicious and perfect with a lovely chunk of chicken.  

In regards to the sauces, i found it to be a world affair. Thais will be pleased with the presence of a local homemade spicy sauce, A traditional thai Nam Jim jowl.  Then there is for the Europeans a pepper cream perfect for those that love it smooth and creamy which is joined by a aioli garlic May or perhaps a lovely Homemade blue cheese sauce.  North Americans will enjoy a tangy bbq to keep things Texas.  Back to brown gravy to satisfy those Brits and Antipodeans. Then a nod to the French with a cream mushroom sauce and also a ratatouille with assorted vegetables and last but not least rounding off with an Asian sweet chilli to finish. Im told that is even some sauces coming such as a truffle mayo and a tamarin sauce.

Don’t overlook the potatoes, whilst simple in appearance and cooking, there are perfectly cooked, soft on the inside and have an exquisite taste, helped somewhat with the addition of sufficient portions of rosemary.  And certainly can help soak up the sauces that might still be remaining.

We predict that Pollitos will do some bold things in Hua Hin, with the taste catching on fast and the guests we spoke to being extremely satisfied. (We even heard of of a customer who went elsewhere, was disappointed with another another venue and returned to Pollitos to quickly write the wrongs of that other venue). Pollitos is here to stay so come in and have a catch with Graham, and get ready for some delicious chicken!

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