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More than 65 thousand sign up for Thailand Pass

The past 4 days has seen more than 65,000 people have submit their application for Thailand Pass since the country’s reopening, even though technical errors have plagued the system.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had already approved this electronic entry document to almost 13,000 people ahead of their visits.

Mr. Tanee Sangrat, Director General of the Department of Information and Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), said the MFA received 65,338 Thailand Pass applications from 1 November until 8 a.m. of 4 November, with 12,607 applications approved within the same period.

The spokesman said the ministry has acknowledged some issues with the system, mostly due to external interferences. He said the MFA is now working with the Digital Government Development Agency to constantly improve the system, with the latest feature being the official support on mobile devices.

Thailand Pass is a new web-based system for eligible visitors to apply for their entry documents prior to travel.

10 visitors from a total of 13,129 between 1-4 November were found to have contracted Covid-19, accounting for 0.075% of those entering the country, reported Thailand’s Public Health Ministry.  The take away being that incoming tourists presently not present a significant risk to the general population of Thailand, at least compared to your chances from current general community transmission.

Dr. Sumanee Watcharasin, Director of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development Bureau of the Ministry of Public Health, revealed to the Associated Press that a total of 4,510 people have entered the country on international flights since November 1st. TPN media notes that different Thai officials have given different numbers in terms of arrivals of international foreign tourists, as well as different departments, over the past few days but this appears to be the most realistic estimate so far.

Most arrivals are from Japan at number one, followed by Singapore, Germany, Qatar, and China respectively. Only six passengers were found infected with the Covid-19 Coronavirus, or 0.13 percent of arrivals.

Visitors and returning Thai nationals can now apply for Thailand Pass by visiting https://tp.consular.go.th/. They can fill in personal information and upload their health documents there.

Mr. Tanee said the MFA is working to provide detailed information on the current entry protocols, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. This information is available on the MFA’s website.

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