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According to a study, the majority of people believe Prayut will be serving his final term as Prime Minister

According to the results of a poll done by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll, the majority of respondents believe Gen Prayut Chan-o-current cha’s tenure as Prime Minister is likely to be his last.

The poll was conducted over the phone from September 6 to 9 with 1,310 people aged 18 and up from all walks of life and occupations across the country to gather their thoughts on the political futures of Gen Prayut, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwon, and Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paojinda — the three former military strongmen who now serve as pillars of the Prayut government.

When asked if Gen Prayut might be left out of the next administration, a huge majority — 52.59 percent — thought it was conceivable, with 32.06 percent thinking it was extremely probable and 30.53 percent saying it was very likely.

On the other hand, 22.60 percent thought it was completely impossible, and 10.84 percent said it was unlikely that this would be his final term. 

The remaining 3.97 percent had no response or were uninterested.

A large majority of respondents (76.79 percent) thought it was impossible or doubtful that Gen Prawit would be re-elected prime minister after the next election, with 62.82 percent saying it was impossible and 13.97 percent saying it was unlikely. On the other hand, 13.51 percent thought it was probable, and 4.66 percent thought it was extremely likely.

The remaining 5.04 percent had no response or were uninterested.

When asked if the three generals — Prayut, Prawit, and Anupong — would continue to play a role in the establishment of the government after the next election, a majority — 60.16 percent — said it was probable, while 35.49 percent said it was doubtful. The remaining 4.35 percent had no response or were uninterested.

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