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‘BTS’ is prepared to win a year MRT Orange Line and expects to sell parcels this October

BTS demands pushing ahead to the arena to vie for the Orange Line. Ask to see TOR if joining and warmly greet similar gathering of accomplices, while MRTA will go to sell envelopes this October after the Supreme Administrative Court has given the go-ahead to offer for a new round. 

Mr. Laoha Anya Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited () or BTSC , said the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA.) Prepares to open envelopes. MRT Orange Line Project Civil works during the Cultural Center – Bang Khun Non and the establishment of the transport framework on the course Minburi – Bang Khun Non BTS as a train operator will take an interest in the acquisition of offering record envelopes.

“We have to buy envelopes to study first. Part to bid or not to ask for details in the tender document (TOR) and if participating in the auction At this time, we also confirm that we will join the same alliance.”

Authority of Thailand (MRTA.) Disclose the advancement of the chose private investors. MRT Orange Line Project During Bang Khun Non – Min Buri (Suwinthawong) , expressing that on September 1, the past The Central Administrative Court has an arrangement to peruse the Supreme Administrative Court’s order. In the occasion that the private area sue MRTA and restricted from doing or leading private determination in the MRT Orange Line project. 

“The Supreme Administrative Court doesn’t acknowledge the claim against the request. MRTA acts or continues with the new Orange Line auction Issues in regards to the new selection So it’s settled. various lawsuits pending lawsuit both in the Administrative Court, where there are still situations where the private area claims for harms and the claim against the unfair abrogation of the tender and defilement cases in criminal courts The arraignment measure is as yet progressing.” 

According to the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court MRTA foresees that the case related to the improvement of the selection criteria for the first time deemed to have ended in accordance with the order of the Supreme Administrative Court to have previously disposed of the case. and a new electoral lawsuit got an end result MRTA can begin the bidding process.

However , MRTA has a system to lead another offering round. The meeting of the 36th Board of Directors will be planned for September to think about the delicate archives (TOR). Oct. Report envelopes will be sold and proposition will be submitted in January 2022. It is normal that it will require around 90 days to assess the proposition and arrange the proposition and propose it to the Council of Ministers. Endorsed the consequences of the delicate in April 2022.

For an outline of the project due to this new round of bidding MRTA will change the provisions of the venture development time period to be shorter To speed up the MRT Orange Line undertaking to have the option to open the eastern part Cultural Center – Minburi in the start of 2025 and opening the entire line in the third quarter of 2027. 

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