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Govt. announces move to ‘Smart Control and Living with COVID-19″ format

The CCSA General Meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister, has agreed to adjust the restrictions and disease control measures to the “Smart Control and Living with COVID-19” format to prepare the country to return to the “new normal,” in which we learn to live with COVID-19 and continue our daily lives as normally as possible.

Part of the new measures include the avoidance of hosting activities in the “3Cs” that have the potential to lend themselves to new clusters. The 3Cs are (1) crowded places, (2) close-contact settings, and (3) confined and enclosed spaces.

Another part of the new measures aims to adopt the practices to control the disease, including the use of antigen test kits for crowded communities, markets, and restaurants, and active case finding in fragile communities or areas by CCRT teams.

The new measures will be conducted along with the national vaccine rollout plan, which is expected to achieve the goal of 100 million doses, or 70% coverage of the entire population, by the end of December this year.

Some of the restrictions on inter-provincial travel and public health measures for restaurants and eateries have been relaxed, if they adopt the new requirements, such as the use of antigen test kits and vaccination requirements in the deep red zones, beginning on the first of September. The COVID-free settings and Universal Prevention will become the standard practice by the beginning of October.

As we are aware of the government submitting proposal to allow the restaurants to open dining for fully vaccinated individuals. In the begging of the May 2021, The restaurants had requested the government to go moderate on the dine-in services according to Taweesilp Visanu­yothin, spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). 

Previously, the governor of Chiang Mai formally called on the CCSA to lift the dine-in ban due to lessening number of the infected cases in the province. On the other hand, Get Prayut earlier mentioned that he has instructed governors of provinces with high rates of infection to monitor the contagion on a daily basis. based on the declining cases on Covid-19 the decision will be taken to resume the dining services. He believes a balance must be achieved between keeping the economy moving and containing the virus. 

Dr. Taweesilp has also acknowledged and agreed to Gen Prayut on recognising the importance of maintaining the balance and keeping the business alive, mainly to those who suffered to most during this pandemic. He said restaurant owners need to generate income by serving customers in their establishments. 

Earlier, The Bangkok Metropolitan administration (BMA) had expanded the lockdown in 29 dar-red zone provinces, which also included Bangkok from 3-31 August, 2021. and the night-time curfew remains unchanged between 21.00-04.00 Hrs. During the 7-hour period nightly, people are asked to remain at home and only to go out if necessary. As the government agencies had asked to have their employees to work from home a 100%, but currently Bangkok is liberating the measures and we can notice the life coming back in Bangkok. 

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