Enjoying good times in friendly surroundings at Sam Sam Bar

Sam Sam Bar is a sports bar venue that offers a lively atmosphere, with a decent crowd on most nights. The drinks are not overpriced and plenty of visitors and locals alike drop in.

Looking for a cool relaxing bar in Hua hin? Sam Sam Bar should definitely be on the top of your list.

Sam Sam Bar Good times

The bar opens at 6pm in the evening all the way to 3am in the morning. Sam Sam Bar is located right in the heart of Hua Hin, just a few minutes walk from the main beach of the city. If you want to spend a chilled out evening with your friends, make new friends, play pool, dance your heart out, or just want to have a good time, this bar is for you. 

Sam Sam Bar Good times

Sam Sam Bar is definitely one of the most happening places in Hua hin. The crowd here starts rolling in around 11 30 to 12. If you are the type of person that likes the crowd and dance music, I would suggest coming in after 11. Or if you don’t like crowds much, anytime from 6pm onwards is good. The bar has two sections. An outer section, where you can sit comfortably, enjoy your drinks with some snacks,and perhaps watch some sports.

Sam Sam Bar Good times

You can choose to sit on the tables with chairs, or you can also take off your shoes, and just lay back on the large red cushions you see in the picture above.

The inner section is where you will find the DJ and a crowd with a lot of energy. This section has some relaxing space till around 11 30, but after that it starts filling up with a crowd busting the craziest dance moves. This crowd keeps increasing all the way till the bar closes. The DJ’s have a great sense of music, and feel free to ask for a song of your choice.

There are many bars in town, but from my personal experience of having lived in this town for about 7 years now, this one’s the only one that feels like home. All the other bars in town can be called empty when compared to this one. Sam Sam Bar has a wide selection of drinks, and they definitely know how to light up the party. The drinks are decently priced from around a hundred to two hundred baht per drink and the happy hour (buy one get one free) on cocktails lasts all the way till midnight. The cocktails are all priced at 200 baht. You can also open bottles if you wish to do so. 

Sam Sam Bar Good Bar

The staff as well as the customers in Sam Sam Bar felt pretty friendly and rich with good vibes. The DJ played birthday songs for 2 customers who had birthdays on this night, and they enjoyed a birthday shot!

Chat with the Owners

I managed to ask the owners a few quick questions while I was there, mainly when and why did they open this bar? This is what they had to say, Sam sam’s been “a family business since 15 years which keeps trying to get better every day. We improve our bar step by step to give the best possible experience to our customers. Dj’s from Hua hin and bangkok makes Sam Sam Bar the best experience in Hua hin. It’s a cool relaxing bar with pool and DJ dance music”. Now, here are a few more pictures of the friendliness and the cozyness I experienced in my night here.

Sam Sam in Thai means 3 3, and that number just feels right to me. It’s the people here that make Sam Sam the right place to have a truly memorable experience. All in all, if you are visiting Hua Hin don’t forget to check in to SSam Sam Bar, the best bar in town.

Sam Sam Bar Good times

Their Facebook here

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